DE vs Mach3 pod mikroskopom

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DE vs Mach3 pod mikroskopom

Post by Rocky » 06 Mar 2016, 22:51

Zanimljiva usporedba i odlične fotke dlaka pod mikroskopom. :tameshigiri:

Dolje na dnu sam reuploadao fotke na drugi host, za slučaj da ove nestanu. ... de_safety/

When I first starting shaving with a DE safety razor, I noticed that my stubble felt very different, but I couldn't figure out why.
So I devised an experiment to examine the stubble when shaved with a DE razor vs. my old razor, a Gillette Mach 3.
My methodology was as follows:
1. Shave with a DE and examine the stubble. This is so I could tell which end was which later on. Generally, it looked like parallelograms, with hairs sliced off at a consistent angle.
2. Wait a few days.
3. Shave with a brand new Mach 3.

Now, the shaved-off stubble will have been shaved on one end by a DE razor, and on the other end by a Mach 3. I can be sure which ones got shaved by both by looking at the longest hairs (hence step 2 of waiting a few days).
The differences were immediately apparent.

DE first, then Mach 3:

You can see some funky stuff going on where the Mach 3 cuts only part way through the hair, but then begins pulling, cutting a slice along the length of the hair. I suppose at this point the hair either gets ripped off, pulled out, or cut by one of the following blades (probably why there are multiple blades to begin with).
I think this does explain why the stubble on my face feels so much different. The Mach 3 stubble would either be half the diameter from getting ripped off, or might be below the skin if pulled out. Thus, it tends to feel uneven and generally wimpier.

The DE stubble, on the other hand, feels spiky and even from the consistent angle of the cut.
I then did the same experiment in reverse. You can see that on the Mach 3 end, it was common for the hairs to be ripped off instead of cut.
Mach 3 first, then DE:

tl;dr: Here's some microscope shots of a Mach 3 cut vs. a DE safety razor cut.

Ima i nastavak: ... pe_part_2/ ... _2/cgmdb6s

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Re: DE vs Mach3 pod mikroskopom

Post by Adept » 06 Mar 2016, 23:15

Izvrstan post :thumbs:
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Re: DE vs Mach3 pod mikroskopom

Post by Likvor » 07 Mar 2016, 05:48

Ovo je jedan od razloga zbog kojeg sam počeo s DE i maknuo se od britvica, bilo M**h3 bilo jednokratnih.
ATG s jednim od ovih razvikanih govneta i iritacija kože mi je bila na vrhuncu. DA ne govorim da urasle dlake neznam ni kako izgledaju nakon brijanja s DE.
I najjeftiniji DE, netko će reći i najlošiji(Wilkinson, MEM, Weishi) mi je neusporedivo bolji nego bilo koji "multiblade, best experience etc etc" .
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